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Using Bootstrap 3 in Rails

Well, for some reason twitter bootstrap, which we now call bootstrap has gone from version 2 to 3 long long ago. But official twitter bootstrap gem still uses Bootstrap 2 a default. Thats actually not a big issue. I still feel bootstrap 2 is a cool thing, some how I don’t like the flat theme in 3.

just because Windows 8 has introduced flat theme doesn’t men the world must go flat. Look how Mac is, sticking to its non flat theme and it looks good.

Okay this is for those who always want the latest without considering is it really necessary to have the latest. To use twitter bootstrap 3 just add this in your gem file

gem "less-rails"
gem 'twitter-bootstrap-rails', git: "", branch: "bootstrap3"

And then bundle. thats it. You can get more stuff about this gem here and here



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