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Will India Subdue Rubyist

In many Rubyconf’s we see developers making fun about their companies. Companies are there for money, not for technology. If one had to make money by eating shit, capitalists would do it for the love of money. People of science do not get subdued by money. Say for example Nicola Tesla, Richard Stallman. They live for truth and love of humanity and possibly love life as a whole.

If you see RubyConf in India none would dare to talk about his or her company inĀ  a sarcastic and fun way. In fact some companies would have reviewed their slides before they could be presented. In fact many companies let their people to go to RubyConf to get more projects via networking than the pure love of language.

If you see developers in India, you will get the feel. Main frame and Java people will strictly maintain that I am been paid by Hitler and thus would eat his shit, rather than giving a sane advice this is right and thats not. Its very counter productive culture we have here. Thats why possibly Indians and India as a whole does not produce any quality software, and contribution to free software is decimal.

Rubyist are mostly free thinkers. I found this Indian phenomenon when I became member of Chennai Ruby (Chennairb) group. People were angry that I put an image of a beautiful girl as my Ruby book cover. They tried to control me, control my questioning and free speech, when I resisted they invented a reason and threw me out. They got me blocked by Banglore Ruby group as well.

Some of the Rubyist I meet too are really stressful, they were hackers who landed into corporate minded firms and are suffering because of it. Its sad to see Rubyist getting caught in corporates. I wish there blooms many companies with freedom in which Rubyist feel free to work.

I am afraid never from India you could see people who would say things like “Nvidia Fuck You” and be sure that his employment is not in jeopardy. Any way Linus was not working in Nvidia and possibly he never will.


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Rubyist Satisfaction Survey

Believe it or not, Ruby was crated to bring smile upon programmers. Thats the primary motive of it. But once you start adding management guys and administration to it, you end up in a mess. Though Ruby has eased many programmers life’s, many programmers feel miserable due to the offices they work. Especially programmers in India.

Rubyist Satisfaction Survey is a stuff I created so that you can log in how you feel about your company. Your details wont be collected.

You can vote how you feel about your company here

And the results can be sen here

With this one can identify which companies offer better work quality and hence make programmers flock there thus improving the happiness of Ruby Community as a whole.

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