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(Almost) free Ruby on Rails classes

Hello Java, PHP, Python, people, college grads. Learn Ruby on Rails to get a great job with great salary. And its almost free. With this technology you can build websites faster than any thing you can think of.

Whats (Almost) Free?

If you are working you need to pay 33% of your salary every month to me (Prepaid)

If you have no job, then there is no need to pay, but you have to buy me what ever food I ask you, and you must complete what ever random stuff or what ever I throw at you.

What you need?

* Desire to succeed / become entrepreneur or something
* An laptop
* An high speed internet dongle or some connectivity
* U must live in Chennai as I live there (possibly south chennai would be cool)
* U must have no windows but Ubuntu on your computer. If you don’t understand this, will teach you what it is.

Your loyalty to your soul will be tested. Only if pass in that you can enter.

Course Duration

4 – 6 Months, depending on how you learn, personalized coaching!!!

Job Guaranteed?

Aren’t you loyal to your soul?

Am I loyal to my soul?

NEVER. Don’t have one.


Karthikeyan A K , +91 9444018524 , 77minds at gmail dot com

When are the classes

Saturday’s and Sunday’s of every month

What will happen in the classes

You will meet a great guy or girl, fall in love get married. Lol I am not running NIIT to put an advertisement like that to attract stupids.


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Will India Subdue Rubyist

In many Rubyconf’s we see developers making fun about their companies. Companies are there for money, not for technology. If one had to make money by eating shit, capitalists would do it for the love of money. People of science do not get subdued by money. Say for example Nicola Tesla, Richard Stallman. They live for truth and love of humanity and possibly love life as a whole.

If you see RubyConf in India none would dare to talk about his or her company in  a sarcastic and fun way. In fact some companies would have reviewed their slides before they could be presented. In fact many companies let their people to go to RubyConf to get more projects via networking than the pure love of language.

If you see developers in India, you will get the feel. Main frame and Java people will strictly maintain that I am been paid by Hitler and thus would eat his shit, rather than giving a sane advice this is right and thats not. Its very counter productive culture we have here. Thats why possibly Indians and India as a whole does not produce any quality software, and contribution to free software is decimal.

Rubyist are mostly free thinkers. I found this Indian phenomenon when I became member of Chennai Ruby (Chennairb) group. People were angry that I put an image of a beautiful girl as my Ruby book cover. They tried to control me, control my questioning and free speech, when I resisted they invented a reason and threw me out. They got me blocked by Banglore Ruby group as well.

Some of the Rubyist I meet too are really stressful, they were hackers who landed into corporate minded firms and are suffering because of it. Its sad to see Rubyist getting caught in corporates. I wish there blooms many companies with freedom in which Rubyist feel free to work.

I am afraid never from India you could see people who would say things like “Nvidia Fuck You” and be sure that his employment is not in jeopardy. Any way Linus was not working in Nvidia and possibly he never will.

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Selecting Indian States in Rails

Just last week I coded a miracle Rails app. I say miracle because there was no client pressure. I had never seen like it. Though it was my friend, a client is a client, he must be stupid. Ones who are not, are not clients. Finishing ecommerce application less than a week made no sense to me, and I did it. That’s stupid.

Okay there was stage when I had to put a select box for selecting Indian states. I searched and found this excellent gem called carmen. I included it in gem file and I was able to put a select box for Indian states using this code

= :state, options_for_select(Carmen::Country.named("India").subregions.to_a.collect{ |x| [] })

Well, the above code is in haml. However newly formed Telengana hasn’t reflected yet.

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Moving From PHP to Ruby on Rails

Techartus is conducting a seminar (in Chenai, India) this Saturday (21 June 2014) 9AM to 1PM on Ruby on Rails, especially targeting PHP developers. The following are the topics that will be covered:

  1. Moving from PHP to Ruby
  2. Model View and Controller
  3. What’s Ruby why its becoming popular?
  4. Ruby on Rails (aka Rails) philosophy, why it caught as wild fire?
  5. Why there aren’t any big CMS in Rails?
  6. How is Rails evolving with time?
  7. Current trends in Rails
  8. If the future is Javascript, how Rails will fit in?

To subscribe please checkout

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Ruby guys / gals are smart

Ruby on Rails Logo

Abusing tech workers by management people is a common thing, most tech people due to lack of money, pressure to maintain a family take it and do nothing about it. But I find that Ruby on Rails guys / gals re really smart.

One thing is there is a lot of meetups where company issues are discussed, people though behave diplomatic in forums privately send mails that are truthful.One is able to know what is happening in a company, which one is better and which ones are worst.

The worst companies simply are ignored by Rails / Ruby devs. Once again the community is helping it out. This is really really positive development.

For the fist time I am seeing in my 12 years of tech career where community is acting as information superhighway filtering good and bad employers, finding employment for unemployed apart from answering tech queries.

Hats off to many Ruby on Rails devs in India.


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Chennai Ruby Programmers Logo

Hello Folks,

Happy to release Chennai Ruby Programmers Logo.

Its here:

And now…. its here:

Chennai Ruby Programmers

Enjoy coding! 😉

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