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China comes into I Love Ruby map

I Love Ruby Map

Its nice to see another big nation get lit up on I Love Ruby map. This time its China. But compared to India and USA its dimly lit. Possibly because it has very low downloads compared to India and USA because I Love Ruby is written in English.

I wish this book gets downloaded in many African countries. That will be kind of dream come true for me. This book was made free so that anyone  could appreciate this language. I hope the people who download this book will share it with many others to spread the joy of Ruby programming.


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New cover for I Love Ruby 2015

I Love Ruby Front Cover

There will be a new cover for I Love Ruby 2015 edition. The 2015 edition will focus on making this book elegant and perfection. As you can see above, I have uploaded the new covers which I have designed.

Many in my country called me womaniser, sex freak and blah blah for the old two covers. Well, I can’t help what others think of me. Though I think the covers of the 2012 to 2014 edition are the perfect fit for the book, I think its time to move on. I found a new image on the internet and thought that will be a good fit.

The books license will change, I will drop GFDL and will change it to Kopimi license. So hope for better quality book.


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I Love Ruby Crosses 1000 Downloads

I Love Ruby

I Love Ruby

Hello Folks,

It gives me immense joy to announce that I Love Ruby has crossed more than 1000 downloads for 2014 edition. Today I am able to contribute a book , thats it. Tomorrow perhaps if I get a good job where I can have little work, fat pay and lot of leisure (dreams don’t come true, do they?), I can contribute by committing code to Rails and Ruby community. So lets see what the future holds.

One can monitor its download count here

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Exceptional work going on in I love Ruby


I Love Ruby back page!

Hello Folks,

Just happy to find out I love ruby has crossed 950+ downloads for the 2014 edition. Now really some exceptional work is going on in it. Yes I have started to write about Exceptions and how to handle them.

So you can start downloading, hope I will take a week to finish it. Get the book here

Enjoy Life!

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