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Ruby guys / gals are smart

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Abusing tech workers by management people is a common thing, most tech people due to lack of money, pressure to maintain a family take it and do nothing about it. But I find that Ruby on Rails guys / gals re really smart.

One thing is there is a lot of meetups where company issues are discussed, people though behave diplomatic in forums privately send mails that are truthful.One is able to know what is happening in a company, which one is better and which ones are worst.

The worst companies simply are ignored by Rails / Ruby devs. Once again the community is helping it out. This is really really positive development.

For the fist time I am seeing in my 12 years of tech career where community is acting as information superhighway filtering good and bad employers, finding employment for unemployed apart from answering tech queries.

Hats off to many Ruby on Rails devs in India.



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