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(Almost) free Ruby on Rails classes

Hello Java, PHP, Python, people, college grads. Learn Ruby on Rails to get a great job with great salary. And its almost free. With this technology you can build websites faster than any thing you can think of.

Whats (Almost) Free?

If you are working you need to pay 33% of your salary every month to me (Prepaid)

If you have no job, then there is no need to pay, but you have to buy me what ever food I ask you, and you must complete what ever random stuff or what ever I throw at you.

What you need?

* Desire to succeed / become entrepreneur or something
* An laptop
* An high speed internet dongle or some connectivity
* U must live in Chennai as I live there (possibly south chennai would be cool)
* U must have no windows but Ubuntu on your computer. If you don’t understand this, will teach you what it is.

Your loyalty to your soul will be tested. Only if pass in that you can enter.

Course Duration

4 – 6 Months, depending on how you learn, personalized coaching!!!

Job Guaranteed?

Aren’t you loyal to your soul?

Am I loyal to my soul?

NEVER. Don’t have one.


Karthikeyan A K , +91 9444018524 , 77minds at gmail dot com

When are the classes

Saturday’s and Sunday’s of every month

What will happen in the classes

You will meet a great guy or girl, fall in love get married. Lol I am not running NIIT to put an advertisement like that to attract stupids.


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Moving From PHP to Ruby on Rails

Techartus is conducting a seminar (in Chenai, India) this Saturday (21 June 2014) 9AM to 1PM on Ruby on Rails, especially targeting PHP developers. The following are the topics that will be covered:

  1. Moving from PHP to Ruby
  2. Model View and Controller
  3. What’s Ruby why its becoming popular?
  4. Ruby on Rails (aka Rails) philosophy, why it caught as wild fire?
  5. Why there aren’t any big CMS in Rails?
  6. How is Rails evolving with time?
  7. Current trends in Rails
  8. If the future is Javascript, how Rails will fit in?

To subscribe please checkout

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Chennai Ruby Programmers Logo

Hello Folks,

Happy to release Chennai Ruby Programmers Logo.

Its here:

And now…. its here:

Chennai Ruby Programmers

Enjoy coding! 😉

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