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Nice to see ilr downloaded in third world

Nice to see third world download my book. But none from Africa 😦 Get I Love Ruby here or use this QR code:


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I Love Ruby Download Soars


I Love Ruby download has soared in unexpected ways this month, reaching an average of about 20 downloads a day! USA has clearly overtaken India in number of downloads. This is probably because of the fact that I put a micro post in about my book which can be viewed here .

I don’t think this momentum would last, its just a temporary phenomenon, many people who didn’t even know this book exists seems to have found it and has resulted in this download mania. It would be great if I get some feedbacks and improvements. People are saying its wonderful to get started with Ruby with this book, I hope I can make this into best ruby book one day, for that community participation is required.

Any way since people have shown +ve interest, I am more tempted to refine my book. Possibly to find more sexy covers 😉

To get the book, just click here

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Some on likes I Love Ruby

checkout this status

Download it here

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Back to freedom covers

Hello People,

Happy to announce that I have changed back the covers of my Ruby book to the original one. Well, it all started like this, when I released the book, it was said that some one thought this book was a love story and hence we has the idea of putting a beautiful girl as the cover just to tease people came about. And I ended up finally after a iteration making this

I Love Ruby

as the books cover. There was extreme opposition in my country India. We were a lenient civilization, but some where in the middle, possibly due to Islamic influence we became very opposed to girls showing their beauty. For example during Indus valley civilization we had statues like this

Dancing girl - indus valley

and no Indian I know ever said to me this was offensive. Who knows one day the Talibans in Pakistan might destroy this history without a trace.

Though I got damming response from ILUGC (Indian Linux User Group Chennai) and Chennairb (Chennai ruby group), I did hold my ground. But after some time I worked in a company called Techartus which was led by one of my friends who was very conservative.

He pressurized me to change the covers of the book. Out of respect for him I complied. Thats okay, I was even once told by a person who was vice-president of a company that I was a womanizer and he indirectly asked me to leave his office.

But then things took a good turn, I felt the work there to be too demanding and I left it, my conscience began to question me weather should I have buckled under pressure and I have changed back books cover to its most popular one. If Malala ( ) in Pakistan can challenge Taliban for girls education, I can surely challenge Indian extremist to guard my freedom.

You can download this book at , currently I am working on this issue and soon new iterations of this book will be released. But yes, if you feel that you are not a person who likes to look at beautiful woman (because god told you so,) you can get the books source here , change it to the covers you like and redistribute it. I am not opposed to it. But be sure that you close your eyes while doing so.

Bye for now.

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Just released another I Love Ruby iteration

Hello Folks,

Released just another iteration of I Love Ruby. Added section named “The Gemfile” , you can download it here

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I Love Ruby picking up

It was a pleasure for me to see I Love Ruby downloads picking up. I just saw the stats in and this is what I got

I Love Ruby daily statsI am happy for this stats. As the book was downloaded only once or twice a day, now it ha hit 12 downloads today! I wish the trend will keep up. This download stats is for 2015 edition, the 2014 download is blocked by dropbox for some stupid reason which I don’t know.

I am happy that book is now picking up in non Indian countries, as India dominated the download chart for 2015 edition. 2014 edition was widely downloaded in USA, followed by India.

People can get the book here and can get its download statistics here

Any way thanks for reading, I would be happy if any one can mail suggestions and feedback to , soon I will be updating the book in multi threading section when I am non lazy.

Any way happy ruby coding, bye for now.

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I Love Ruby Updated

I Love Ruby

Hello Folks, have updated my book I Love Ruby.  Added a title called assigning logic statements to variables. This is actually a very good feature Ruby has but my book hadn’t covered till today. You can get the book here

Hope you will find it useful, it starts on page 36, proof reading and suggestions are welcome.

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